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Our experience allows us to provide:

A full bespoke service offering within the accounting and finance advisory space but without the unnecessary layers and overhead, using our big firm resources at a much greater value.

Whether private, public, or in-between:

We provide experienced, big firm-trained professionals tailoring our offering to our client’s needs combining our range of competencies offering full end-to-end program management as required. 

High Level Summary of Key Capabilities

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Advisory Policies, Procedures and Processes

Our team of accounting and finance professionals have significant experience helping clients address their pain. Whether regulatory or operational, we provide subject matter experts (SME) to deliver on-hand, bespoke support. 


Understanding the exact needs of our clients and designing a bespoke framework is at the core of what we do. We are able to mobilize with short notice and advise our clients to commence each engagement with an approximate one to two week assessment period where our SME completes an initial review of the client's current state.

This initial assessment of a client's policies, procedures, and processes consists of document reviews and key client stakholder interviews allowing us to compare and align the clients current position to industry best practice.


Having completed the initial assessment, Hollywell provides its clients with an easily understood document outlining key gaps in comparison to requirements and a list of recommendations for meeting objectives. Following the assessment our experienced professionals will provide the necessary services to address the need. 

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