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Searching for Meaning in a Sea of Sameness

By Crystal DiJoseph, Director

In July 2019, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that there are approximately 16 million self-employed Americans. This represents about 10% of the workforce and is no great wonder given the growing disinterest in typical corporate structures and a potentially unrewarding 9 to 5 job. After all, there’s a great deal to be said for having the ability to control one’s destiny. Most of us know first-hand what the daily struggle is like, the feeling of constantly giving with little satisfaction and little ability to make a truly lasting impact. A hunger for meaning and purpose, for learning and development and for a role where you can do what you do best.

In 2019, I experienced this internal struggle when it came to my career and finding a path to a role that held meaning for me. I wasn’t unhappy with my existing position, but I knew that there had to be a better and faster way to achieve my goals, so I stepped back and truly examined my trajectory. It was fortuitous that around that time, I had been approached regarding an opportunity at Hollywell Partners. After some in-depth soul searching, and many discussions with family and mentors, my conclusion was that Hollywell was the right move and I’ll tell you why.

Moving from Passenger to Driver

Controlling my career is just one of several factors driving the change. Like many of you, I wanted to make a greater impact, further my self-development, work with highly talented professionals and have autonomy over the work I perform. I get all of that at Hollywell where our leadership are former Big 4 professionals with a mix of public and private experience and where I can market and drive the work that I’m best at. To further solidify my decision, I saw significant opportunity as businesses struggled with an increasingly complex business and regulatory environment.

From Searching for a Difference to Making a Difference

In the current environment, CEOs need greater strategic vision and financial insight from CFOs and Controllers. Companies need to be able to pivot faster, accurately forecast the future and stay ahead of workforce, business and other economic trends. It’s tough out there and often it seems typical corporate roles can no longer fulfill all these needs.

Hollywell however, can strategically expand and contract with companies as they scale certain operations but pull back on others. They have the talent, the experience and the knowledge to be that strategic voice while stepping-out actionable business plans and seeing them through to execution and success.

I saw an opportunity to work in a capacity where we’re partnering with and making a real, tangible bottom-line impact in our client’s business. They’re dealing with a span of painful challenges as small as cash management through to technical hurdles such as implementations of new standards - revenue recognition, the leasing standard and CECL to name the big ones. Hollywell has the ability to expertly navigate these quagmires and they do it all at a value that the competition can’t touch. This is key as there’s a need to be more resourceful, garnering the most value for every dollar spent in the ever-increasingly competitive environment.

Hollywell Partners—My New Home in the Gig Economy

So, after much deliberation, I packed up and left behind my old career and am forging a new path from which I haven’t looked back. I found the purpose I was looking for at Hollywell and am fortunate to be able to work with some of the most innovative clients in their space and along-side some of the most talented individuals in the

industry. Whatever it may look like for you, I wish you the same fulfillment, flexibility and purpose.

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