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Our experience makes the difference:

Our team has multiple years of experience in large transactions (>$500M), and we now service smaller deals with our "QofE Lite" service offering  ($12.5K to $20K depending upon complexity and periods required). Our full diligence offering for larger deals reaches companies as large as $200M in top-line revenue.

QofE lite was established when we noticed smaller acquisitions going south post-close, as diligence offerings from other providers were just not cost-effective or useful. Our lite offering provides the same level of rigor as that of our full offering on the P&L and enough on the balance sheet to give potential acquirers enough information for negotiation with regard to working capital. We also provide both buy and sell-side QofE.

Whether private, public, or in-between:

We provide experienced, big firm-trained professionals tailoring our offering to our client’s needs combining our range of competencies offering full end-to-end program management as required. 

High Level Summary of Key Capabilities

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Diligence Services and Scoping

We offer a modular approach to deal scoping.  This approach allows our clients to tailor our diligence efforts to the needs of the deal.

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Quality of Earnings: Lite vs. Full

We offer two primary options in order to fit your needs.

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