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"Fractional CFO"... Is This The Latest Buzz Phrase in Professional Services?

Buzz words and phrases abound in every occupation. And the newest buzz in the on-demand professional services sector is “fractional CFO,” and further to include "fractional Resources".

Hollywell provides fractional CFOs and fractional Resources through a highly qualified team honed by Big 4 experience. You pay only for the fractional resources you require and you receive Big 4 experience at a fraction of the cost, as well as the deliverables you need, and only when you need them.

The following Q&A is derived from discussions with our clients, and will help you understand the many benefits of using fractional resources from Hollywell Partners:

What does "fractional" mean as it relates to professional services?

Fractional to Hollywell means getting dedicated remote and on-site resources to execute deliverables as needed. Examples include:

  • Fractional CFOs that provide two to three days weekly for private equity portfolio companies

  • Fractional SOX internal and external audit support during busier times

  • Fractional turnaround CFOs and Controllers that work full-time for a specific amount of time or for a specific transaction, typically one to three months

  • Rapidly deployed diligence and quality of earnings assessments

Why choose a Hollywell fractional CFO or fractional resource?

Big 4 and larger professional service firms train trusted leaders and subject matter experts. Hollywell only brings resources into its team that have proven experience (Senior associate and above) at prices between one-third and one-fourth of what they previously billed. To make it clear you get fractional leadership for the price most Big 4 firms charge out for their junior associates.

How we work...

Hollywell delivers on the following six areas finance and accounting leadership should own. Hollywell resources agree to milestones up-front in each area so there are no distractions. Hollywell typically asks for a minimum of two weeks full-time up front to get our fractional resources up-to-speed and provide a full assessment to revisit often in order to measure and communicate progress.

  • Financial reporting

  • Management, board, and investor reporting

  • Capital management

  • Governance & compliance

  • Internal controls

  • Talent management

Whether you are searching for a fractional CFO, fractional controller, fractional manager or fractional senior associate, or services such as quality of earnings; deals diligence; internal and operational audit; SOX and external audit support; you can find it all at Hollywell Partners.

When the next buzz word or phrase reaches your industry, we hope you will find it as appropriate as we find the word "fractional" in our ability to deliver extraordinary professional services.

Contact Hollywell Partners at and +1 813 394 4304. We will respond quickly in line with our rapid deployment capabilities.

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